Does anyone else agree?!

Why are you 3Dying airports that nobody flies too like Grand Canyon and Osh, 3D the bigger and busier airports in reality. If the small one’s are going to become3D than at least ad more private jets!😐😶🤘🏾🤌🏽


3D airports are decided by the airport editors themselves. While requests for 3D airports aren’t allowed, some editors listen to community feedback and add airports the community wants. The end goal, though, is to have all airports in the world built in 3D, so rest assured that your favorite airport will come with 3D objects sooner or later!

Feel free to read through this timeline post to better understand how 3D airports are decided: 3D Airport Selection


Hi Ollie,

Sorry to hear you feel this way. Airports are hand picked by individual editors around the world meaning this can include their local airport, airports of interest and many other reasons.

Large airports take a lot of effort by indiviual and even multiple editors working together. Often these are only attemped by longer term and more experienced editors, which is why often why there are more smaller airports than there are larger. 🙃

It doesn’t mean that large popular airports aren’t being worked on though! ✈


I know but at least update the major one’s right?!Thank you for replying that’s very thoughtful of you!👍🏾

Not ungrateful for the effort you guys have put in it’s just the choices that’s all I’m saying, but keep up the good work. I’ve been here supporting for almost 9 years now, soo I’ll still be around rooting for IF!

They hope to have all of the airports around the world in 3D, so whatever airport your looking for will come in due time. We just have to have patience.

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What is to be considered “major”?

One example:
We could consider the ones that the A380 can land at as “major”. That’s still a lot of airports - 140 of them to be precise :)

Also, it’s way more fun to have some diversity. I personally think that’s something the editors are doing really good.


Best reply I’ve seen on IFC

Well the airport editors are a hand selected group of volunteers and they choose which airports they want to work on. IF does not control which airports get worked on when because they are in fact, volunteers…

We just have to be patient

I agree with Seb. This will enjoy everyone with any aircraft category, (Short Haul, Medium, Long Haul flight) and aircraft type (GA, Business, Private or Commercial).

To add as most mention above, we will get 3D airport every new update is coming. Just be patient.


Sorry to hear and: absolutely not agree. I like flying in and from all those lovely unknown jewels. Props to the editor team in picking these. 🙌🏻


Do you think we should have then more private jets or just more 3D regional airports

It depends on the aircraft poll which the IFC Community have the chance to vote for rework or add new aircraft. Regarding to regional airport, it depends on the 3D airport editor choice.

You think Oshkosh is… small?

And I’m totally fine with that, what I meant is and I wasn’t clear about, Do you think that they should focus more on 3D airpots or planes or even both.

I’m saying this because of time management

Not small but why not 3D O’hare

It’s like right next too it

I’m sure IF Devs are doing their best for Rework / adding new airports and new features while 3D Airport Editors are doing their best for creating the 3D buildings. It’s just take time. Quality over Quantity.

There’s a reason behind O’Hare - airport editors are waiting on satellite imagery of the new terminal and updated runways before updating the airport.


…volunteers choose which airports they want to work on. IF does not control which airports get worked on

It’s actually felt a bit weird paying for an app with one of the major feature going under the category: “I’ll make it when I feel like it”. Is it really like that per se, or do the 3D airport editors have a task list to a minimum number of airports they have to complete in a certain amount of time frame, since there are just so many airports in the world? But honestly, I’m willing to wait a while longer because my current home airport WADD has really unique traditional features and the other major one WIII is quite large so probably it’s gonna be a bit difficult to make and I’d rather wait than having it looking like generic! (or so I say to console myself lol).

Was a bit dismayed though at first, when the only one that was made into 3D in the country was an unexpected one, WAHI - but now I’m loving it to death and loving the whole procedure flying into it, the scenery there is also BREATHTAKING BEAUTIFUL and I’m gonna attempt to visit it in real life because of Infinite Flight, that was a good choice so thank you airport editors!

Plus, saw in youtube while checking out WAHI after it came out in Infinite Flight, apparently they have this gigantic BBQ rib steaks and all sorts of beef goodies in town called “The Dino Meat Grill” for just $8 so definitely going to make a trip to WAHI and hunt down some dinosaur BBQ!