Does anyone actually fly the Boeing 787-900 and the Bombardier CRJ-200

As the question says. I know i don’t!

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no never to low quality, but atfer the 787 update i Will fly the 787


100% with you (if it’s free) 😄


the 787-9 is possible free, but that isn’t confirmed jet and the 787-8 and 787-10 WILL cost money

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Same here, I’m hoping the 789 is free. I have flown the CRJ 200, but never the old 789. At least the CRJ has animations…

I once flew the CRJ on PG a couple of months ago.

I used to fly the CRJ

Can honestly say they’re probably the 2 aircraft I have never even flown a single flight in

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I’ve seen one CRJ a year ago but there are quite a lot of 787s (not reworked ones) specially at KSAN

The CRJ isn’t actually the worst to fly. It’s better than the current 787. I’ve tried flying the 787 but it just keeps on swaying with autopilot.


at least 60% of my flights are crj200. I love that aircraft and hope it gets a refresh


The CRJ is not that bad. It has animations at least, however the cockpit does need a rework.

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Same lol definitely flying the 787

Oh my gosh finally someone understands I was just flying my last flight with the 787 the minute I put it on ap it started swaying left and right


I fly the 787 a decent amount

I do sometimes…

I will abuse the new 787 when it comes out… Vertical take-offs, 3 hour flights, crosswind landings… Ah what else…


I do fly the CRJ-200 sometimes.

Based on past occurrences, the 787-9 will most likely be free.

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I used to fly the CRJ in my early days…

Ah, good times. Back when I couldn’t use a heavy aircraft in San Francisco on Free Flight. ;')