Does anybody want to join me?

Hello there everybody! I am just wondering, would anyone or anybody like to join me for mh first flight back on IF after about 1-2 months?

Details: server: TRAINING (not leaving any of them out (subject to change))

Departure airport: EIDW


Please use realistic runways and liverys

Arrival airport: youre choice (I shall be flying to EHAM)

Aircrafts/liverys: Aer lingus a320 (new or old). Youre arrival airport countrys airline.



Please be realistic
Please follow rules
Please have fun!

Hey I would suggest making a #live:groupflights topic. More people will see it that way!

Here are the category rules:

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Ok! Im not sure when it will be, but it will defo be soon!

Hey feel free ti creat a group flight

make sure that you read this tho

Ah, I will make it that closer to the time!

But would anybody like to join me?

ill see If I can depending on the route tho

From what I’ve seen people want to see the info first, just to gauge if you can do it :)

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Ok, I will edit it now!

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