Does anybody use a yoke or joystick how does it perform

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone had a yoke or joystick and was wondering how it performed thanks!


I use one for X-Plane, but I can’t figure out how to get one to work for IF.

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What is it called? @OrcaKid

It’s a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hostas X.

This is my X-Plane setup.

Buy it here:

Here’s how you connect it.

I use the same joystick for IF. Performance-wise, it works very well and there is virtually no delay for the connection, but that depends on your internet connection.

I use the Logitech Attack 3 and it works quite well. I tend to play IF through an emulator on my laptop more often than not so the way I get it to map into IF is quite complex and not worth going into (the input goes through 3 pieces of software before it makes it to IF) but I must say it works quite well. I don’t have an Android device so can’t test it with an OTG cable but I’ve heard it works rather well. For iOS, I’ve honestly got no idea what’s going on with LiveFlight Connect. The installer doesn’t work, and when I download the GitHub repo and open it in Visual Studio it won’t connect. Perhaps @Cameron can provide some insight into what’s going on there.

Hope this helps!

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Have a look at this. It should help!

I only use a joystick when I fly and I have to say it works quite well. I use the Logitech 3D pro with a MacBook and an iPad Pro. If you have a strong WiFi you should be fine. I highly recommend using a joystick, it makes flying much easier on IF and much more enjoyable. You do have to play around a little with sensitivity settings to get it just right.

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