Does anybody think DFW will be busy once Global comes?

DFW is the third most busiest airport in the US [poll]

  • Yes
  • No

It depends on where ATC goes. Maybe during an event involving DFW, it could get active ATC. :)


We could make polls like this for every airport. I think it’s best just to wait and see. :)


I would be an ATC for DFW Tower and Ground on Training Server 1


I’m willing to hazard a guess and say that people will stick to mainly their local airport, which should be interesting 🙄


I have some ideas like that some problems will happen on getting enough ATC

We’ll have a lot of people in Beijing lol then.

ATC will definitely be an issue, and the only way to solve the issue of most places being empty is if a huge number of people start playing when global is available.

I’m guessing Pyongyang Sunan will be absolutely packed (🙄) but Beijing could be, I suppose.

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You may be interested in results of a survey of 100 users:

And Dubai Airport

Yes, probably.

TS1 has an [over]abundance of controllers, so who knows? On Expert I personally don’t think it will be very active unless there is an event there.


Yes, expert server will become the event server

No, it’ll be the same as always. Obviously I have no idea how it’ll work yet, but I think we will most likely only open at major hubs.

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Could IF Airports be computerly controled?

That’s something that’s been requested, but it’s unlikely. There are too many different scenarios.

Live in Dallas and the Dallas airports will be my base of operations😎

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That would be one hell of a lot of polls lol

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one heck of a ride then. ;)
nah KATL or KLAX or KIAH may be busier. I dunno because i live on the other side of the world. XD

oh by the way, can you but this in #live?