Does Anybody Else not Feel Challenged Anymore?

Is it me or does anyone else not feel challenged anymore playing IF?

I love playing IF personally, but I often wish there was more to the game than just spawning and using a few ATC commands and then arriving at a destination.

It would be so cool if you were rewarded based on how well you planned your flight, how well you landed in difficult weather conditions, rewarded for using minimum amounts of fuel, delivering passengers or cargo, diversions, emergencies and many more etc

I’m hopeful that when the “Global” update is released there will be more interesting features to challenge us. Like fuel planning and winds aloft etc.

Anyone else feel the same?


Global is key.


Global will change my whole experience on IF. I agree zbelle.


I get why you’d say it’s a bit easy. I feel about the same way. After Christmas, IF will only be my secondary sim. It’ll still be (by far) my mobile sim, but I’m moving mainly to X-Plane 11. I’ll stay active on the community, but IF will only be for short flights, on the go flights, or if someone wants to use my PC sim I’ll use IF on it (I know how).


The price too

I definitely feel the same way in some areas, Global will hopefully add some more challenges. :)

That is already implemented. You receive more EXP towards your grade.

Dude, i know what the problem is. You DON´T PLAY Infinite Flight, you LIVE Infinite flight.
No, but now in all seriousness as possible, i feel you, and this feeling of not being challenged anymore is due to flying constantly, it becomes second nature. So my advice is stop flying for a couple of days and, if possible (or if you don´t have already live+), try and buy a new plane or region from time to time, get to know that aircraft perfectly, search everything and know everything that there is to know about it, and challenge yourself to some MAD crosswind landings, close to impossible, and take brakes from flying now and then and do something else (i know, it´s hard also for me)
I think everyone can´t wait for global though, it will be a game changer.
Keep ´em flying


You do get rewarded for landing in windy conditions. You get more XP


I do agree. I have been a pilot in IF for at least one year and a half.
I quited live for 3 months (but recently took a new yearly licence) because I was bored.
I feel terrible for the devs because they’re doing a tremendous work for the community. You’re right we need new challenges in this game.

However it’s still a great pleasure to play this game ! Even for a 20 min flight.

I’ve been flying on IF for over a year. Just went live with a yearly subscription about 2 months ago. The sim is awesome and the developers do an incredible job updating planes and adding new features. Coming from a software development background, I understand the complexities that are present with constant creative updates to make your product better. The IF team has a tough job, but does it very well. The price point is incredible for the quality purchased. The flying is great and admittedly some challenges are much easier than others, but the sim is what you make it. Each pilot can find ways to challenge themselves and keep the game interesting. You want a challenge? Do some ATC work. I have just recently starting doing a little ground work on TS1. HOLY COW! I thought it would be a piece of cake… NOPE! Much more respect now for the Expert Server ATC. Also, one of the coolest parts of IF is the forum. Mods do a great job keeping it clean and relevant. I for one truly appreciate the effort! Thanks IF and keep up the awesome work!


I have to agree with you on this one. We want more challenges. Not just clickity clack and you have arrived at your destination.

I felt this way, but then I learned the way of the fighter jet (and simulating C-130 missions). These give the sim some action and excitement to it. Another thing I reccomend is to join a non-airline VA like IFES or AAT, as these can give some fun multiplayer experiences.


Xplane is something im switching to too because fsx/p3d is getting to ehh… also if lol

I totally understand. After the Dash-8 release, I just couldn’t touch the sim. I was doing like 3 to 5 flights a day. Eventually I took a 3 month break from the sim, and now i’m starting to get bored again. It really is good to take some time off though. Doesn’t have to be as drastic as mine, but a couple of days off won’t hurt. And like everyone else has stated, global should help. We won’t be limited to one region anymore. And later on, General Aviation Aircraft should help bring the spark back to the sim. Can’t wait for that.


Well, here’s hoping the devs see this thread and see what they can do about it 👍🏻.

To some degree , yes. I probably feel this way due to my progression and overall experience as a pilot within the sim. Grade 1/ 2 it was a challenge everyday, now as grade 4 not so much. Strong crosswinds always put some reality into me.


I feel like the challenge is gone. I actively search for windy areas that will provide a challenge during landing and a little dynamics during the flight. I still fly about 2-3 hours a day (mostly at the office cruising around and then some touch and goes at home)


It’s a challenge all the time. From are you going to make it off that runway. To how should I this approach in a plane without APPR. To how much runway will I need to do this landing or will I go around. I feel like a challenge is always there but not noticed.

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I agree with @bulba , and I think it’s up to the pilot to search for an area that provides a challenge, I got sick of SoCal Region, so I switched to another area with tricky approaches and departures. I them went back to SoCal Region a because weather started changing finally. It is what you make it and the end of the day.

High Altitude Airports!