Does an app or website exist with complete aircraft statistics?

I was thinking that it would be great to have an app (for iPhone), or a website containing statistics for all (common) aircraft types. I was thinking about statistics like range, altitude ceiling, cruising speed, max takoff weight, seating, etc. It would be great to have this stored in one place instead of searching for every aircraft in google (for example to decide which aricraft type you should choose for a specific route/distance).

“Mactracker” ia an example of an app with all apple products with stats. So I was thinking about something like that.

Does something like this exist? Or maybe someone would be interessted in making such an app?


Do you mean something like this?


That site is okay, but it is very messy and filled with advertising. And the speed is not given in knots or mach, which would be useful for using it with IF.

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The other option is manually going and searching up aircraft statistics.

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Eurocontrol Aircraft Performance Database is a good one:

Not an app, but could be the basis of one.

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SKYbrary is a great website, you should definetly check it out! :)


I definitely like the amount of information that site has. Good find.

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Did you mean searching?

Exactly, I’ve fixed it now.

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