Does Amazon support infinite flight anymore?

Hi all,
I wanted ask a quick question as to why I can’t switch from the old server with just the limited airspace to the global one. Is it because I have to switch from a kindle to a iPad or is it just Amazon doesn’t support IF anymore?
Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to read all your answers

Thank you for contacting support! Unfortunately this update will not be released for Amazon devices. We will gauge Amazon demand at a later date to determine whether or not we will continue to support the Amazon App Store updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Thank you,
So what would advise I do?

Can’t really tell you what to do I’m afraid. Telling people to get another device seems a bit harsh, but that’s the only option.

I’d suggest the Nvidia Shield K1. It’s good enough to run Infinite Flight at decent settings and is only £150 on Amazon. Pretty cheap.

Lot of topics for device recommendations :)