Does airplane mode help me disable calls?

I am currently flying with an Finnair A350 through EFHK-KJFK while in the middle of the flight, my dad calls me but i dont want to answer it. even “Do not disturb” didnt help.

You shouldn’t enable airplane mode, as I believe that disconnects you from your wifi and therefore you will loose connection with the server.

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If you really wanted to answer it, you can try this …
When someone calls me mid flight, I answer it and put it on speaker, then immediatley go back to IF, and the flight continues as normal. You can turn off the IF sounds while ur on the call then turn them on again when ur done with your call

or put ur phone ringer on mute. the ringing will show up on ur display, but if you never answer it, it won’t affect your flight


I assume what he is saying is putting it on airplane mode and keeping WiFi turned on!
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I do believe airplane mode and WiFi works to stop calls as airplane mode stops all data coming in and out from your phone etc!
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Well i think i need to maintain the airplane mode for 5 hours while flying my A350 inside an A350.

I don’t think you know how airplane mode works?


You do know you can turn WiFi on with airplane mode, right?

No. You can’t. Airplane mode automatically turns off your WiFi.

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Yea and you can return it on! Try now!

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this work i do that too

But i dont want to answer the call

Airplane mode and WiFi works!

Then ignore it and wait for IF to return to the screen?

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If you don’t wanna answer it put phone ringer on silent

No, its not the normal call, its a Video call from FB Messenger.

Decline the call lol

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You could just ask him not to call you!

Logout from FB messanger. Login when ur not using IF

I did more than 10 times.