Does air REALLY affect planes in infinite flight?

So in real life when its colder a propeller plane has more “power”. Basically it runs better. I was wondering if in infinite flight the colder temps made a prop plane run better or if they affect it at all.

Well, if you are higher in IF the faster you can go in terms of ground speed due to the pressure and the jet streams.


On IF temperature does affect performance I believe as it would in real life. Of course it’s not as noticeable.


No. At luke 15000 ft

Like* not luke

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Yea, the pressure is different and the winds are different as if you were on ground level. For example IRL, Denver has some of the longest runways in America. They need them because of how high the airport elevation is. Same for IF.


Any reason why it’s not as noticable?

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Probably because of the natural objects that friction takes place with, aren’t all in Infinite Flight. (Weather, instant wind changes, etc.)

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Because your C172 won’t turn into a rocket ship because it’s cold out.


Well seeing you can fly an F22 into space, I’d say no. Last I checked jets don’t burn so well without oxygen

This would be easily testable.

Go into Solo mode in a Cessna 172. Set the temperature to 15 celsius. Take off and climb out at 74 KIAS. Note your Vertical Speed.
Then reset, but with the temperature at 40 celsius. Climb out at 74 KIAS again. If density altitude is represented in Infinite Flight, you should notice a large difference in performance.

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What were your results?

Here is something I have noticed that I think is what he means. Yes, with altitude, your groundspeed to airspeed ratio changes. But it doesn’t affect the physical performance of the plane. For example, Airbus (and others I believe) use FLEX temperatures on their takeoffs, telling the engines that the temperature outside is hotter than it is, therefore reducing the maximum possible power produced by the engine and thus the thrust on takeoff. In Infinite Flight, setting the temperature to the highest setting or the lowest setting makes no difference in the resulting power (N1) output.

Here you go:

Airport: KHND
Runway: 17R
Airplane: Cessna 172S
-3 PAX
-74 kg Fuel
-14kg cargo
Total Weight 1,603 kg

First attempt:
Visibility 50km, Wind 000/00, No Gust, No turbulence, Temp 15 Celsius
Full power, rotate 55KIAS, Flaps 0
-Rotated just at 1000 footers. Able to achieve 74KIAS climb out. 750-850 fpm climb to 5,500 MSL.

Second Attempt:
Visibility 50km, Wind 000/00, No Gust, No turbulence, Temp 40 Celsius
Full power, rotate 55KIAS, Flaps 0
-Rotated at back end of 1000 footers. Tougher to gain 74KIAS, but still able. 600-650 fpm climb to 5,500 MSL.

Third Attempt:
Visibility 50km, Wind 000/00, No Gust, No turbulence, Temp 70 Celsius
Full power, rotate 55 KIAS, Flaps 0
-Rotation approx halfway down runway, unable to achieve 74 KIAS while maintaining positive climb. Able to maintain 64 KIAS with 50 fpm climb.

Fourth Attmpt:
Visibility 50km, Wind 000/00, No Gust, No turbulence, Temp -90 Celsius
Full power, rotate 55 KIAS, Flaps 0
-Rotated incredibly quickly, maybe in 400 feet? 74 KIAS easily achieved, 1000+ fpm climb out.

My take: temperature as a single variable does have an impact on airplane performance in Infinite Flight. However, the difference in performance from 15 Celsius to 40 Celsius should have been far more dramatic. Attempt 3 and 4 were done to test performance differences at wide (and unrealistic) temperature variances. As predicted, performance did improve with colder temperatures, though not at a rate consistent with real world values.



I did some patterns at altitude 7000 ish the other day in Q400. I used my normal sea level take off settings and I struggled to get lift. It was the desert and I think it was hot. To be specific 85% power and flaps 5 degrees is sufficient at sea level. At 7000 I could not lift off. I guess the heat / thin air at altitude does play a part in IF

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Cool.tha ks.

I have noticed the same when taking off from VNKT the other day. Needed a much longer roll than I expected. Oh by the way, if you are at VNKT and its at night, and you don’t know the terrain, you will kiss a mountain.


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