Does Air Force One have Heavy on its callsign?

Since the Air Force One is almost identical with the weight of a 747, does it have Heavy identified inside it’s callsign or is it exempt in this case?

In real life they do not say heavy.

That’s strange, I wonder why they have an exemption to the weight rules, does that go with all military aircraft?

Im not sure why it is. I’m not sure if other military aircraft do or not, someone else probably knows that though.


Very interesting question!

Heavy in a call sign is used so other aircraft and ATC can be aware. While Air Force One would qualify, there are no other aircraft near Air Force One at any time given TFRs and other high security, thus the heavy is allowed to be dropped due to impracticality.


Does that go with all military aircraft as well?

I don’t think so because I’ve seen military aircraft land with other flights nearby but I’m not 100% sure on that one.

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