Does a Virtual Airline have to be a virtual version of a real airline?

Hi, I’m thinking of setting up and applying a VA, but I’m wondering; does a virtual airline have to be just a virtual version of a real one? I’d like to set up an airline which flies to destinations primarily in Iceland and Greenland, but also to other Nordic islands and a couple of destinations in Scandinavia. I originally thought of creating a virtual version of Air Greenland or Norlandair, but I decided that airlines like these did not include enough variety in destinations to appeal. Hence, I’m wondering if original virtual airlines are allowed, or if they have to be based on a real one?


The short and simple answers is NO. They can be fictional or real.

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Virtual airlines can be based of real airlines or can be a made up VA.

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Thanks. Also, if I were to operate A318s, Q400s and Dahers, if the A318 and Q400 both had a 2015 Infinite Flight livery, and in the Q400’s case that was the only non-airline livery other than generic, would I be allowed to use that livery as the airline’s?

You would have to use the generic livery unfortunately.

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