Does a plane really need 2 pilots?

With automation nowadays do we really need 2 pilots.
Or as i said: “You don’t need 2 people to operate a walmart till”
Opinions people!


Why I think 2 pilots is better is because it’s like an extra layer of safety so in case the Captain falls ill, the FO can take over… And yes, just my opinion…


Does a train really need a driver?


DLR in london is driverless

How old are you Thomas, if you don’t mind? :)

Needs 2. One to “fly the plane”, one to handle all the crazy stuff that happens on the ground.

Just kidding. If airlines had found co pilots were not needed they would have been removed by now, like some flight engineers 😬


isnt it more to do with regulation but yes i see your point. Maybe the question should be expanded to do you envisage a future where there will be less pilots if any in the cabin

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Anyway I would relate this to a co-pilot and a fighter jet pilot (as a passenger) flying as Capt. but actually the co-pilot is the one giving instructions…

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Or maybe by then pilots would have been what they’d call a thing if the past. D:

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dont pilots alternate command jobs

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Well I meant this fighter jet pilot was sitting at the Capt. seat (sorry for the wrong phrasing)

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depends on the type of plane you have. Some planes even have 3 pilots.

if you have a PPL and depending on what plane you are trained to fly you could possibly fly alone which I scary

This could also happen.

Some nice work by the ATC and FO.


I know you are the Ryan Air VA CEO but are you also the CEO of the real Ryanair? A certain MOL, the real CEO of Ryanair, reportadble said the same thing a few years ago!

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do you mean the flight engineer no plane has 3 pilots that i know of atleast

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don’t tell everyone ok its supposed to be a secret!

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yes. see that’s all the pilots and first officers, surely they added the flight engineer to take pressure off the captain and first officer. never mind not needing 2 pilots but you need 3 pilots. ;]]

flight engineers don’t generally have flight experience if I’m mistaken ill retract

Until the manufacturers have deep Artificial Intelligence baked in to the aircraft systems that can fly the aircraft, with multiple failures incase the sole pilot is incapacitated then I’d say 2 pilots are needed.

Plus no insurance company will insure a single pilot jet of an airliner size until they have masses of data to prove the second human is more dangerous than the AI computers replacing them.

there are plenty of small jets that are single pilot certified.