Does a one month subscription auto renew?

Or do you have to keep manually renewing it every month ?

Depends on the store, do you need it a certain way?

Hi, this is only if you have the “auto renew” feature enabled in your app store. Go to your app store and turn it off, if you dont see the option about auto renew subscriptions that means it is turned off, any further issues or concerns please let me know, kind regards, 305…
It would also be best to let us know what app store/os you use, this could help so we could show you have to turn the feature off.

It’s apple store not sure how i turn auto renew on or off

Go into the App Store, click on your profile then account settings ;)

Go to app store and press the face icon
Click icon (note it may ask you for finger print or pass word)


No option here just says renews 15th, assuming that means auto renew unless i click cancel subscription

In this case auto renew is enabled, ask your freindly neighborhood Chris Levet how to turn it off.

That is correct, you are presently set up so that your subscription will renew monthly. If you choose to cancel this you will be prompted to renew once you try to access the servers upon expiration.

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Thanks I think I’ll change to a 6 month contract once this month’s up to save money.

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