Does a fixed-location camera position (in flight) affect wind speed?

I’ve been flying in groups a bit more frequently lately, during which I noticed that my position would be wildly different (>50 miles) from others after several hours of flying. Our mach and airspeeds were the same, but the ground speed was different, even when our planes were on top of each other at the same altitude.

I finally figured out what may be causing it. I had my camera position fixed on ATC and pointed toward the ground to prevent the possibility of the app crashing on approach. Others were using cockpit view, so their camera was moving with the aircraft. When I adjusted my camera to cockpit view (or any view attached to the aircraft), the wind adjusted as did my ground speed.

Can someone confirm my suspicion that using fixed-location a camera view during flight will have this effect?

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Hi Mark!

Yes, this is a known phenomenon. The wind speeds are taken from the position of the camera, not the position of the plane. The developers are aware of it.


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