Dodgy Codeshare Agreements

BA, Vueling and Iberia all have a codeshare agreement for LGW to Barcelona.


They all have different prices for the same ticket. Dodgy right? Anyone know of any similar stories?


Nothing dodgy about that., all three airlines are owned by the same company ( IAG). Also the way that ticket prices are set is complicated ; for example there will be several prices for a ticket within the same class demanding on availability and demand for that particular ticket. Added the complication of three airlines sharing the flight and you will get a complicated price structure!

There was a thread recently on here explaining ticketing prices, have a search for it.


Flybe + Etihad Airways/Air India. Never really worked that one out…

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That one is for passengers arriving Air India/Etihad into the UK to be able to connect with FlyBe to all of their domestic services within the UK which cannot be reached from a Long Haul destination


BA ticket prices set for the UK market including APD/airport costs.

Iberia ticket prices set for the Spanish market including local average earnings modifier (no UK APD for transit passengers).

Ditto for Air Lingus/Vueling.

Nothing ‘dodgy’ except a totally unfair and un-level playing field for European short haul operators.

If you really want someone to blame for the high UK pricing structure ask your local politician why the UK has the second highest airport tax in the world, a tax rejected by most European countries and anti tourism, but none of the generated revenue is ‘ring fenced’ for environmental issues.

Makes you wonder really.


Then explain how the Iberia ticket was nearly double the cost of the BA ticket and the Vueling ticket was 10% less than the BA ticket

Yeah, I know that, but it’s just quite a strange combination of airlines.

Never struggle with getting cheap airfares in the UK though…unless you consider £9 expensive.

its only cheap if you want to go on that route at the time that the airline wants you to go…if you want to go to specific destination at a time of your choosing then it will cost a bit more!

have a read of this thread as it gives a good explantion on how ticket process are worked out!


Oh yeh I have seen articles about that

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Prices vary from like $268 USD to $500 USD.
(NOT first class)

Ok but this is totally dependent on a number of things. At the end of the day if I want to go on a specific day which is £20 and the day before is £10 I don’t really care. I’ll still take my preffered day.

very true…however never seen a £20 flight…well not that I need to take anyway!

Ryanair had £2 sale on the other day - they have a codeshare with…oh yeah nobody.

Yeh being the best LCC in the world is a lonely job ;P

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They’ve come to some kind of agreement with Aer Lingus anyway in the past few days anyway.

Is it “dodgy”? No.

Is it “totally unfair”? No.

Is it “how the market works”? Yes.


Dodgy by the fact that for the same flight and ticket class it costs wildly different prices i think it is dodgy.

Can you clarify the meaning of “ticket class”? Could the tickets be in different fare buckets and offer different degrees of flexibility? Also, different carriers will have difference cost bases from their structure, so their fares will be different to maintain revenue goals from within that operating unit.

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you realise BA Iberia and Vueling are all the same company. This was for a basic economy ticket no frills.