Dodging those mountains || SKBO-SEQM

Happy weekend y’all. Today I have some nice Avianca pictures for you (@NoahM approved)
Avianca is the flag carrier of a beautiful country called, Colombia. It has mountains, rainforests and much more! This time we’ll only see the mountains as we’ll fly from Bogotá to Quito in Ecuador. Quito is known for its hard approach.
Tales of the Cockpit by AFKLM Virtual | Ep. 1: Missed Approach Above Quito
Here you have a pretty good view on how difficult it can be.

Anyway, I took off in the sunrise and landed around morning. Flight was beautiful. 9.8/10, would recommend👏
That was my talk, enjoy the pics😄

Flight Details

Route: Bogotá🇨🇴-Quito🇪🇨
Aircraft: Airbus a320
Livery: Avianca
Flight Time: 1 hour and 19 minutes

Pictures :)

Readying the flight plan while the sun is coming up

A while later we’re departing Bogotá

Gotta love these mountains

Moonshot 🌝

A nice cockpit view as we’re approaching Quito

Gear down

For anyone wondering, I landed safe and sound. I even got a tiny applause (Infinite Flight Assistant)

Hope you guys enjoyed the screenshots I made😊, stay safe and see ya around


And they’re approved by me as well, awesome photos!

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Thanks mate😂

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That moonshot 😍


Love the first picture! Perfect lighting at dawn 😍

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That moonshot with this lighting looks amazing 🤩

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Thanks for the compliments guys😊