Dodging Storms in a PA28

Hello IFC,

How are you today?

Yesterday, I had a pretty big day of flying, so I decided to share some pictures with you!

Two others and I flew from Paris to Reims, then to Coulommiers, Melun, and back. We did this flight in a PA28-181, F-GIRV.
The interesting part is that there were storms rolling in from the south, so we had to plan our flight carefully to make sure we weren’t caught up in them.
Here are the pictures!

Taxiing out to the runway after filling the tanks

Departure out of busy Paris… can you see the other traffic?

Passing by LFPK

A cumulonimbus approaching on the right side of the plane

…and the left side as well

…and in front

Time for a quick fuel stop and snack break

On left downwind at LFPL

On final at LFPL

And parking behind this beautiful beast right as it starts raining

Thank you for having a look at these pictures, and thank you all for making aviation so fun!

See you again soon with more pictures!


Might be a good idea to put your hands on the yoke on short final don’t you think? 🤔


His dream is to become an Airbus “pilot”.


No, APPR all the way 🙃
I was in the backseat, and the landing was being carried out by the right seater. His hand was on the right side of the yoke but I cropped it out to make the picture more homogeneous :)


Great shots! Some of those clouds look mean. Looks like a fun flight though.


Thank you! Yeah, a few of them were bumpy but it was a great flight nonetheless!

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