DoD 737's

2 “Con Air” 737’s loading up at work


I’m so done.

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@Pilot8 what do you mean

You have the greatest job ever! Great pic, also.

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Oh… Lol it’s a fun deal but trust me it’s stressful I almost want to go back flying contracts overseas full time


I alway dream about this I hope to be the first person to shake there hand when they descend the staircase!

he’s hot too… good bonus

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We’re there inmates?

Yes that’s all they transport you have to be indicted to get invited :)

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Wouldn’t it be department of justice not the the department of defense because the us marshals are under the department of justice?

Yes and no there are other factors involved that I can’t get into on here I just thought I’d share interesting pics of the unique planes I deal with on a daily basis but if it’s a problem or be under constant scrutiny I’ll stop

No no please, please, don’t stop.

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