Documentary on the fatal Air France Concorde Flight 4590

I have never cared much for supersonic jets. I have never cared for super anything in terms of speed: fighter jets, Concorde, whatever. But I found this while binge watching some documentaries and couldn’t help but watch it through. Such a sad time, seeing the hope for supersonic travel snuffed like that. The Concorde was truly the queen of the skies!

(Source from Wikipedia titled “Air France Flight 4590”)


Ive seen this, one of the best planes!


It’s really sad to see this fatal crash caused by a single part of the DC10’s aft. I wish to see them back in service again which seems to be impossible

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It was actually a Continental DC-10 that was improperly repaired by some lazy worker. Gotta wonder why all these accidents are caused by lazy workers, such as CI611.


For CI611 case, It can’t be blamed to the workers who fixed the aircraft. Although their maintenance works werent using the Boeing’s standard thus leading to a metal fatigue years later.

They used a doubler plate, which is only supposed to be used to cover an area of damage one third the size of the plate itself. The worker did that in an attempt to save time and money instead of replacing the area on the fuselage itself.

It’s impossible because after BA converted the fuel tanks on the Concorde it would never fly again due to Airbus announcing they will stop supplying parts and the lack of concordes to use for spare parts means they had no choice but to stop flying them.


Did the Concorde have flaps

I don’t think so. Google it.

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If you watch Wendover Productions enough you’ll see that he explains many times why it is impossible.

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Apparently you can’t put flaps on a delta wing. However I swear I have seen flaps on the Concorde, however I have been told it’s impossible. The 2707 had a wing design which allowed it to have flaps and turn a delta wing into two swing back wings.



I see that your photo? Man you’re lucky

No it isn’t, lol. Sorry.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I know your a little emotional right now, but let’s not get to drastic


It’s been called the queen of the skies before, it was even called that in the video. I’m not getting emotional lol.


I thought this

Was the queen of the skies


Let’s make a list of all the plane crashes caused by corner cutting airlines and lazy mechanics

1: That Alaska flight that crashed off SoCal (I forgot the flight number)

It is, I don’t know about this concorde🤔

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The more you know I guess