[Documentary] Jumbo - The Plane that Changed the World

I just watched this great documentary about the development of the 747. It was interesting to learn how many issues there were during design, and how the future of Boeing depended on the success of this airplane. For those of you who are interested:


Wow so far it appears to be a interesting documentary for people who love planes like me!


I just watched the entire documentary the 747 is a truly majestic birdy. DO NOT TURN OFF SPOILERS unless you like spoilers, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.I found it truely amazing that air force one could withstand a near nuclear attack, how? They said its classified.


very interesting documentary! Watched the whole thing. Thanks for sharing ;)


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on TV. This aircraft truly changed the definition of jet planes forever. It’s sad to see that its slowly drifting out of service.

The documentary is very interesting and definitely worth the time.


I don’t know why, but as an aviation enthusiast, the title makes me get all emotional and cozy inside.


It will hopefully be around for a long time to come as a freighter.

I’m glad you all enjoyed it :). I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a youtube recommendation before.

I agree. It was brilliant.

I feel sorry for the flight attendant though who loved that plane but they just turned it into a restaurant… she was crying because she loved the plane so much, she even named the plane!

Go to the 45th minute if you want to see what I’m taking about!


@Luke Yea that was sad plus it was the plane that saved her life. Like they got rid of a plane that prevented catastrophe. :C


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