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I just departed Ronald Reagan Nation Airport (KDCA) and used the DOCTR4 SID for runway 19. When I pasted my flight plan, the SID went right over Joint Base Andrews (KADW). This confused me because I would think KADW would have some sort of restricted airspace so you can’t fly directly over it like the SID directs you to. Below I have attached a picture of the chart I retrieved from

For reference, KADW is smack in the middle of the waypoints “MOTBE” and "GDYUP"

So, obviously this is a real life procedure but does anyone know how civilian aircraft are able to fly over such an important/high security airport at such low altitudes? This is confusing me 😂

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. I am not sure if this is in the correct category despite thinking about it for a few minutes, LOL.

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Well if this was a flight Via IF then it should be in #live if this was an IRL flight it’s in the right category

Well, this flight was done in IF therefore it would go in #live. However, it is a question about a real world procedure so…

look up KDCA and see their procedures, because chances are they don’t use that SID or that AFB allows them fly over at that ALT one or the other or i am all wrong, i am sure someone will know


Alright, thanks for your reply. I will try to do some more digging!

I don’t see any problem, yes it’s a military base but if there were a real threat they would have placed a restriction.

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I can confirm planes do fly over KADW in the real world.

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Ok thank you for the help! Just thought I would verify with other people!

P56a +b are the only restrictions for obvious reasons. Unless there is a governing msa airspace with set altitudes, hot/cold times or TFRs you can fly over anything.

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8000’ is above the Approach/Departure area enough to clear traffic fairly well. The SOOKI4 is the same profile as well

This AA KDCA-KBOS flight probably was on the SOOKI4

This flight is happening rightnow and it’s over Andrews at 10K

The SID/STAR design is such that they keep everything separated adequately but if necessary the ATC can always give altitudes/vectors.


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