Do Your Wrists Hurt Yet? @ EGCC - 271730ZJAN18 (Cancelled)

Server: Expert

Region: United Kingdom

Airport: EGCC

Time: January 27th at 1330Z

NOTAM: We will be flying from EGCC-EGLC in the Citation X. No autopilot whatsoever is allowed. You got to hand fly that puppy the entire way, hence the name “Do Your Wrists Hurt Yet?”. They might.

Flight Plan

FL250 M0.86 41mins


Terminal 49: @Trio
Terminal 50: @Maxmustang (Maybe)
Terminal 51:
Terminal 52:
Terminal 53:
Terminal 54:
Terminal 55:


How long is the flight?

Depends on the timetable…
If it’s on the timetable, then I can control maybe.

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It is under 1 hour. I’ll go get an exact time.

When is it? And at what time?

Ok. Maybe. If it’s over 30 minutes then no.

Update. If you want IFATC there’s a better chance if you do it on Saturday as it is on the schedule.

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Look at the title. Jan. 24, at 1630Z

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ha! yeah, duh. I just saw that now. Sorry!

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@Trio he’s right. Do that for ATC, and you’ll probably have more people show up since it’s on the weekend.

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I don’t know how I mixed that up. I would blame that on my colorblindness but, two totally different colors.

Edit: I’ll change the date.

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Note that what I said is just maybe. I won’t be able to do atc for you guys as I’ll be skiing. Also EGLC is a small airport. That being said I’m probably not the only one to like controlling there for the layout!

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Changed it to Saturday.


I’ll wait on a gate (I am unsure of my plans for Saturday), but will get back to you.

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@Trio… MaxSez: Was Good for the first date, Unsure for Saturday, Pls put me in as an alternate. EST Start Time 10:30Am remain unchanged? GA all the way. (Prefer reciprocators chose to screw thru the air only Trash Haulers “Suck” thru the air!) LOL…


@Maxmustang TrioSez: Hell yeah GA all the way. I’ll put you down as a maybe yes, maybe no.

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I have a love hate relationship with polls too. What should the date be?

  • Wednsday, 24th
  • Saturday, 27th

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I believe it is a 41 minute flight.

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The next one of these will be in a Super Decathlon.

Changed the time to 1430Z. Gates avalible.