Do you want to reach grade 5?

Hi there I have reached grade 5 and for those struggling perhaps what I say will help you out. I have seen posts asking to reduce the number of landing and those who have trouble maintaining it. I was in your boat having trouble maintaining grade 5 status because of work and school until I did something to make it happen. The 90 day requirement is a little less than 13 weeks. So what I did was dedicate 1 out of every 3-4 weeks to a few regional short haul flights 100-500 miles. Then the rest are mid and long haul flights. I also put in 1 hour with as many touch and goes as I could once every 10 days. I am just sharing a strategy that I am currently using and it’s working.


Wow this is quite some dedication! Patterns have probably helped me the most to get to this point. Congrats on getting G5!



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I think this should be under #live.
Otherwise this is really cool. I might start trying it.

Dang, pure dedication like @Joseph007 said.
I sure to hope to reach Grade 5 one day, but, it is not my main focus right now.
My main focus is to definitely get to Grade 4, and get better at flying in the game.


Patterns sure are helpful but I understand they can be hard and not everyone enjoys them. That’s why regional flights are there and some of the smaller airports have fun approaches like Green Bay for example.


Great Post for Motivation Kate. I personally have been G4 for more than half a year now and once I was close to getting to G5 but back then I was lacking in other criterias than only the 90 days landing which is the only ones missing today.

I, as most of you guys know, love to fly long hauls, and what drives me to do these LH flights is the fact that I get to fly bigger aeroplanes for big airlines. So recently, in the past couple of weeks actually, I have been scouting for 777 and 747 flights are that are between 2-6hrs long and flight where I can get two landing for one flight.

Like Emirates which flies this route: Dubai - Yangon - Phnom Penh

Or Cathay on this one: Hong Kong - Taipei - Seoul

This way I get to fly with my favourite aircraft and airlines and also get 2 landings for 1 flight. Doing a return flight will grant me double.

And this is one of many ways I’m combining my flights to benefit and profit me with landings. In the past week, I’ve seen my landing count grow rapidly and not I’m closing in on that G5 faster than I was when only flying once a day on those 11-15hr flights. Also when doing ULH, you can fly from a far away destination to the HUB of the airline you’re flying and from there to a nearby airport to get 2 landings in less than 24hrs :)

Like Boston to Hong Kong = 15hrs then fly to Taipei, 2hrs then why not go back 2hrs to HKG and get another landing ;)

Well, I thank you, Kate, for making this post as I also got a chance to share my story which is in the making as of today. This new technique I’m using really works too and is a way to get around the pattern works many find boring or time-consuming… although this process is slower and requires accurate planning and timing so you don’t overlap 24hrs before making 2-3 landings it is definitely fun to do and my way of still getting 2 or more landings a day with bigger jets like the 777-300ER.


I can reach Grade 5 in one day using this simple step :

  • If you have enough experience and flight hours to Grade 5, but struggling with the 90 day landings then…

  • Head to KEDW with an F-22

  • Set flaps to 10 degrees

  • Takeoff anywhere, speed 125kts

  • Land on any runway in KEDW.

  • Stop until 80kts using brakes.

  • Takeoff back again, speed 125kts and repeat the steps.


  • By looking at the map the whole airport is filled with random and mixed runways in a salt dry lake.

I never knew this could work but it does. I have been flying there regularly with the F-22 or sometimes I just fly with the A-10 Warthog for the fun.


Ohh that looks like fun. I’m going to try it.

I sharpened my aviating acumen doing t&gs at KEDW several years back…but any airport like KORD with at least two parallel runways and one perpendicular will work…and dive bombing style impromptu t&gs in that type of venue in a 172 or 208 will work just as well or better since you can touchdown twice on the same runway …once you get the pattern down you can do a rev about every other min or so


Of course.Why wouldnt I show up at an ATC session that is accepting patterns😂😂

I’ve done this and I can vouch that it does work, and it did get me to G5. However, it bores you out kind of quickly so I might try doing regional flights.

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Regional flights are fun. There are so many smaller airports to fly to and while some need to be updated the surroundings of the airports are amazing


congratulation,I also want to get grade5, but there is no time for me to play this game

I have spent a fair bit of time at KEDW after seeing this topic (I’ve been using a Citation X) but yesterday, I thought I would try T&G my way around England - here is the route I took!

I racked up 12 landings and I think it took me over 3 hours. Hardly anything compared to KEDW but it was interesting and I got to see some good scenery along the way!


I made it to 5 for a few months however it’s hard to maintain only due to the landings, I’m good with staying at 4…

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That is ok, I don’t expect everyone to stay at grade 5 forever, even I expect be back at 4 eventually. I just wrote out a formula so people who want to stay longer have an idea of how to do it. :)

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