Do you want feedback about your ATC?

I am not an advance ATC but I know the most thinks because I do much not real tests with John preston.
So if you want feedback reply or PM me then and I Will come

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Controlling KCLT in charlotte, wouldnt mind some traffic

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I Will come

I’ll come!

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One mistake I Will PM you after my flight

I didn’t even taxi yet

Not for you

Cleard me for the option and don’t ask intetions

Never say roger

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Ok. Roger that


I added u to our pm. Talk on there from now on

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You can say roger if there’s no traffic to follow

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But then you say cleard for the option

Yep you can also say that or follow up with that

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And a recruiters says this to me
NEVER say roger!

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Oh I guess thinking about it you wouldn’t

Ask for intentions?? When you clear someone for the option, you should already have given the intentions (e.g. inbound for T&G), then he can clear you for T&G, L/R traffic.

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There is nothing wrong with clearing for the option at all. The option includes everything, full stop, touch and go, fly-by, low-pass, barrel rolls close to the runways. Everything.


No if you sa xxxxxx is on leftdownwind runway xx
Then he don’t know of I want to land or I want to make a touch and go