Do you vector yourselfs around Thunderstorms?

Right now, I am vectoring myself around Thunderstorms near Wichita, Kansas. I often vector myself around storms for realism but I was wondering if other IFC members do this as well.


I rarely check the weather before my flight, but if I encounter heavy crosswinds and it’s creating moderate turbulence, I’ll try to change my course slightly to give myself more of a headwind.


Vectoring around storms is something I’d like to do more, but I have relatively little knowledge of. Usually I rely on Simbrief to route me around any weather, but I’d love to hear from an airline/commercial pilot about what options they have for adjusting course in the air.

I do route around weather when flying GA, but that’s something I’m much more familiar and comfortable with.


I only do it if it’s really necessary. When there is a heavy crossword for example.

Does a crosswind slow you down more than a headwind?

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No but it’s harder to land. Because you’re going more to one side of the runway.

I know that 😂 I was talking about when cruising


What app do you guys use to evaluate the weather?

I’m a fan of to see AIRMETs and SIGMETs, as well as

ForeFlight is good for seeing radar, but that free trial only lasts so long.


SimBrief goes around weather?

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Oh haha never mind 😂

Not exactly but it will use the current tracks that go around the heavier weather.


I knew it took weather into account, but never knew to what degree. I always assumed it would just keep me safe!

How do you see thunderstorms?


Oh so you’re watching the live weather and use it for the game?

An aircraft will just adjust the rudder to cater for crosswinds. At cruising altitude aircraft can be travelling at an almost 45 degree angle to head in the correct direction due to extremely high winds that can be found up there which are not necessarily turbulent so being a passenger it’s very hard to even notice you doing it. I recently had the priveledge to sit on flight deck of c17 and was able to see the actual angle whilst travelling over the Sahara.

Yes sir! There are also a plethora of weather apps that detailed radar for aviation (windy is probably the best free option (ForeFlight if you want to pay $100/month)). It’s also good to check skyvector like @tomthetank mentioned for airmets /sigmets regarding storms.


Ah cool. Thanks 🛫
Have save flight👋

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I look at and and look at where I am and the weather. That is how I determine it.