Do You Use Trim?

Does anyone here use trim? I don’t, but I find its hard to land some planes (A330, and 717) without trim?

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I usually use it when I’m bored and I do a stall test.


When I find myself having to lay backwards with my tablet over my head to maintain level flight, I use trim.


😂😂😂 Same Here

To be honest
I’m not 100% sure how it works so I’m not gonna touch it


Well you may want to learn it… ;)


I use trim for take-off ad landings.

I almost always use trim during landing and takeoff.

I use it only for landing, but how much I use depends just on my feeling for the aircraft.

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I use it during takeoff and landing but sometimes during crusing to comeback the winds. The trim is usually set depending on the weight of the aircraft and the size of it.

717 is like the 737 to me…

It’s great to use for landing in basic terms it pitches the aircraft up so if you put the trim up then on landing you aren’t forever tilting your tablet up and you can focus on the slight adjustments.

I use 10-20 percent trim to account for flaps and to keep my descent relatively level. It’s a small detail, I only started using it recently.

Everyone should have the same consideration for elevator-trim as they would for rudder-input; as much as is needed.

I only use it when I use my joystick.

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I use trim all the time because I have my movement on low so I will need it.

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That’s the point of it!

@YYJPilot6590 if you are struggling to understand it, than check out this tutorial.

Understanding Trim

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i use trim for most of my take offs, especially when its a heavy load

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Nah, I don’t use it.