Do you use the FPV?

I think it’s a great tool for beginners, but I’ve found myself using it less and less for the sake of realism. I think flying without it is a fun challenge. Does anyone else fly without the FPV on?


I haven’t tried flying without FPV. I think I’m not there yet. I would rather land nicely on glide slope than zigzag on slope :D


That dot in the middle of the HUD guiding you down the glideslope to land perfectly aligned, straight down the runway?

Eh, found it annoying so I turned it off right away… problem solved 🤷‍♂️


How do you land in straight line on crosswind? Maybe be you learned the tricks.


Rudder, it really helps a lot. I mostly go for some sort of eye measurement, and looking at the map, trying to stay as close to the centerline as possible, and that way, I’ve over the course of years, practicing and practicing, learned how to land even in crosswind. Takes time to mater it but every human is different, so some may have it easier than other to get a grip of the plane in windy conditions :)


You should make YouTube videos for crosswind landing, I will give it try without fpv. Hope it ain’t hard to do perfect touchdown every time without fpv.

Yes I use it in every flight, when takeoff and landing, it’s very useful, to show where your planes direction and pitch goes up down right or left’ I mean, It’s very useful for some situations!

The FPV can be seen on the Flight Director (FD) in the cockpit of the aircraft so I don’t see why using it on the HUD is unrealistic. It can also be seen on the HUD of the A320, for example.


Nope I never use it. I try to make everything realistic as possible.

I think some of you need to look up the word realistic.


Right, but:
A. In the cockpit it’s displayed on the PFD, not the aircraft window like in IF.
B. Does the FPV show up on Boeing HUDs? (That’s a genuine question btw)

Yes, it helps me butter 90% of the time

Yes it does on Boeing 787 hud…looks like it’s part of the HUD view. I haven’t came cross one without it.

You bet I use it. It’s simply a modern replacement for the steam gauge inclinometer, only better. Now I get pitch information as well all from one little spot on the glass.

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I’m flying in training right now so I may try to land without it. It may end bad buts it’s fine because this is training server

Anything that helps get the grease

No, I don’t really use it that much. Mainly because I’m just used to X-plane where there is no HUD… I’ve just used videos to teach myself butter without it.

No I just don’t I never used it and only tried it a couple times not my thing.

It’s not something I regularly use, just in strong crosswinds during landing I take the occasional glance at it to make sure i’m on track… most of the time I’m not. lol

I would, but it would take me a while to get used to it and I won’t be able to get those buttery landings. lol