Do you use The 'Airport Names' option.

Hello all, I was just wondering what all of your settings are set to. My airport names used to be on but now I have turned them of to provide a more realistic flying experience.

The “Options” like Little Boxes, Field Names, Steering Wheels etc. are similar to “Training Wheels” on your first bike. When you are confidant in your ability to aviate please put away the toys… Max Sends


I have been flying with airport names off since last October. A few months ago I also started to fly with Airplane dots and names off as well.


I use my training wheels Max. Yes I’m a trainee, however, all of the 3d features which one could use as landmarks do not exist, so I don’t feel bad about it.

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No I never use

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I made a poll…
Do you use airport aids?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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I use it only if there is very little visibility to align with the runway on time

If I’m controlling - about half the time I will, because it’s useful as a quick reference from the tower cam. Not when flying, however - that’s when everything like that is switched off.

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What ever floats your boat Sir. It’s called Spatial Awareness. One coalesces with the environment. Thanks for checking in… Max Sends

“airport aids”? I call them little helpers “Training Aid”! It takes the Right Stuff.
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Just like you, for a more realistic experience, I have both the airport and user names off.


@Ben_M… Gotta keep that head moving in the cock bird seat. It’s called “Scan”. Those little dial sure make a difference, I remember a 3 pack and a little glass tube with alcohol in it… LOL… MaxSends

Benny, you have a Plot below the HUD, learn to use and relie on it. What ya gonna at nite or bad bad vis? Max

@Maxmustang…sorry I do not understand. should be the translation …

@Ben_M… use the map display in the cockpit to locate airports and Navaids was what I was trying to convey. Max

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@Maxmustang thanks!!I am trying !!! lol

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Your a good one Ben… You’ll get there and be soaring with Eagles before you know it. The “Sky’s” the limit… Max

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I do it for IFL. It helps me to understand what runway I’ve been given and have a shorter taxi