Do You Use Charts? [Poll]

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  • I use charts
  • I don’t use charts
  • Charts?

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This is not a request that should be in #features just a poll

Choose one

  • We should implement charts for pilots
  • We should not implement charts
  • We should implement charts and departure/approach routes via atc for more realism and convienice

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10% of the time I fly is with charts.

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If they were in game I’d use them because IF stops if you go to another app and put it in the background

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Change your title to something more descriptive: “Do you use charts?”

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Better now?

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Yes, much better.

I don’t fly with charts. Would be hard due to the current ATC system. Plus, the environment itself isn’t always realistic which would make using charts awkward.

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Not a feature request just a poll to see where people are at, nothing is being requested

I know that, just wanted to post it to avoid people posting requests in here ;)

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I dont unse charts because I dont know where to get them, and because I dont know how to use them parallel. But I would love to do it

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Thanks for the help

If they’re implemented I think they should be made optional.

It helps add a lot of realism to the simulator.

I use ground charts and low altitude charts i got from my moms friend.

Only when I’m serious and want to make it as serious as possible . And on my first flight on global I will definitely use charts and try and make my flight realistic as possible

Maybe something like the Boeing/Airbus A380/A350 EFB:

Implementing an in-game connection for chart-apps on the device, so it would be up to you to choose the charts you prefer, like LIDO (by LH systems), ForeFlight, etc…

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