Do you use APPR?

Hell IFC, do you use APPR on approach or do you use the heading autopilot. Or do you use NAV1 Just wanna know what everybody else does.


Nope, never use APPR. I’ve never used it before, apart from a few times on solo where I tried it out and I plan to keep it that way. I don’t see the fun of just wacking on a button and letting the aircraft do all the work. Hand flying is my favourite part of any flight, where you can have a chance to actually control your aircraft yourself, which is why I always wait a while before engaging autopilot and never use APPR. I would rather fly the plane than watch it fly itself.


If low visibility, yes until I can see the runway, but otherwise, no…


Do you use Heading or NAV1

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You use NAV1. Go to the airport info, click ‘Runways’ - click on the ILS for the runway you want (if it has it) and then click ‘Tune to NAV1’.

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I know how to do that, I just want to know what other people do. Thanks though😀


No problemo…

No, I fly the approach completely by hand.


Sometimes il fly the whole thing with not autopilot by complete visual reference or sometimes il tune the ILS in and hand fly whilst staying roughly on the glidepath

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I never use autopilot on my landings. Ever.

If you’d like to know my full procedure and technique please feel free to PM me :)

It’s not nearly as fun

APPR is really unstable, so I never use it.

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Might I suggest a poll.

  • Yes, I use APPR
  • No, I don’t use APPR

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Hey y’all! It’s me, your friendly anti-APPR advocate, and avid hand flying supporter.

Here’s what hand flying benefits:

I hand fly up to 5,000 at a minimum on all departures and from about 3000 minimum for arrivals.

Here’s what it benefits:

  1. Realism. Pilots rarely use APPR, if ever.
  2. Better takeoffs. You’ll fly smoother, and handle winds and short runways better, because you know how to fly the plane.
  3. Better landings! It’s not impressive watching someone slam onto the markers at -600 V/S because APPR is doing all the work. I average about -100 v/s for my landings. I can handle high crosswinds in every aircraft. I know how to fly because I do it often.
  4. I get a true sense of accomplishment after completing a flight, knowing that I am responsible for my arrival. Not some robot providing me with a false sense of confidence towards flying,

That being said, there are some benefits to using APPR. I’ll list those here.

So basically, hand fly!


Nope, I take control at 1,300 Feet and 5 NM and fly it in the whole way

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Facts! Everything you said in this post, I agree with.

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I agree with everything you say and I also handfly. One thing tho, on airbus appr is used sometimes

For me I tend not to use APPR that often. Every few months, I tend to carry out a landing using it to keep my skills up to date in case of a scenario where I actually have to use it (CAT III.) Otherwise, I stick to ILS, VOR, RNAV (which is autopilot) and visuals

On all aircraft equipped with it - not just airbus

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I used to use APPR quite a lot. Now, I’ve been practicing my landings, and been trying to do more without APPR. I’m getting better, slowly, but still better.

I’ll forever use APPR on the A350, that thing is impossible to land for me.

I do all my takeoffs manually up to about 2,000-ish feet AGL.