Do you use APPR or land manually?

  • I always use APPR/autoland when possible in any conditions (regardless of winds/visibility) from the beginning of the ‘cone’ to touchdown.
  • I always use APPR/autoland when possible to configure the airplane for touchdown (and establish glideslope) regardless of weather conditions, but hand-fly as I get close to the runway.
  • I use APPR/autoland in poor weather conditions only, from beginning of cone to touchdown.
  • I use APPR/autoland in poor weather conditions to configure the airplane for touchdown (and establish glideslope), but hand-fly as I get close to the runway.
  • I never use APPR/autoland regardless of weather conditions; I always land manually.

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I think I covered all possibilities. If I didn’t, please elaborate your specific answer. I’d really like to know because I can’t land manually for the life of me. Watched tutorials and have 130 landings but always take a big L without APPR

**and this goes without saying but, just be honest bros. No judging lol. as i’ve said above I cant land


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I never understood why some people use APPR. I mean, doesn’t it take all of the satisfaction out of your flight? You’ve piloted this aircraft thousands of miles across the world and for what, just to let the plane do all the work?

Not only that, but landing manually is a great way to improve your overall flying skills. You’d be surprised, landing manually isn’t too hard and as you practice, you’ll get much better. Then you can impress your friends by greasing every landing!


APPR/Autoland landing aren’t as good as manual in my opinion

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it probably isn’t but if there’s a crosswind over 5kts my main gear has a one-way ticket back in the fuselage


Just like @Will_A mentioned, hand flying is so much more immersive and entertaining. I mostly hand fly as soon as I get an approach clearance from the active radar controller. Otherwise, if no approach services are available, I hand fly as soon as I near the approach cone.

Rarely, I’ll engage APPR until shortish final, about halfway down the approach cone. Then I disengage it and fly manually.


i’ve actually landed manually in a 30+ knot crosswind and it went quite well, I don’t think APPR would’ve gotten the job done

Manually more butter

Here is what I do. I will use approach if;

  1. I am confident with the aircraft’s abilities in safely and comfortably executing a stable ILS approach. Some aircraft are too sensitive or tend to jerk the nose up pretty good at least once during the approach.
  2. I am at the correct altitude upon entering the glide scope and an already lined up.
  3. Low visibility, unless there is strong winds.
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Considering we don’t have fog in IF I never I use APPR

we actually do. Trying setting visibility to 100m in solo

On live tho we dont, it doesn’t render in

If you need help hand flying, come to me. The major thing is small movements. I can also help with specific techniques. PM me if you’re interested 👍

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I am much more confident in my ability to land the plane manually than to fly an ILS approach, as I don’t trust computers to control my aircraft in critical phases of flight, plus the approach/ILS is always pretty sucky and unreliable in IF. Whenever I do them it is really aggressive and unpredictable.