Do you use AP while landing/on final?

I use auto land only if

  1. There is low visibility conditions.
  2. I am occupied doing something else.
    Other than that I don’t use it that much. Most of the aircraft don’t have it.

I use it till I’m 1,000 ft from the ground. Even when using it you have to make corrections. When descending to SFO I was at 20,000 ft at air speed of 290 knots when I realized I would land short so I increased it to 310 knots and made a successful landing.

I usually hand fly from 20 nm to 5 nm, then I turn on APPR, then I turn it off when I’m lined up and manually land.

I use the SPD control so that I don’t have to keep adjusting the throttle. Although I switch to manual speed at about 100ft. As for the other controls, I always fly manually unless if APPR is available.

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