Do you use Anti-Aliasing?

Do you use this feature on live?

  • Yes

  • No

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I did , but sadly the minute I turn it on for my 6 plus, I begin getting too much heat, then that low device memory thing :(

Even i get this warning on my mini 1. For that reason, don’t stop using it. If i can use on my mini 1 , your 6+ can handle it without any issues :)

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True true

But what I noticed, it seems like -

The iphone 6 plus handles so badly and it waits a second or two once I press an app, and when I turn it on , sometimes the rows of apps are sideways and I can’t make them turn , so I’d need to restart it (like the processor is too small for the giant phone)

on the other hand,

this iphone 6 is jumping through apps.

Works just fine on my iPhone 5S

All good in my IPhone 6. Once I had only 1.2gb free space out of 16 still no prob. Never had memory issue. Maybe you guy need tweak what’s running in the background, things like notifications.

I shut off background apps, and I have 30 gb of 64, I try and remove everything

Restart device before use.

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May I ask what is anti aliasing used for?

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I’m not sure, but I think that has nothing to do with the hard disk memory.
I have 30 GBs left on my 64 GBs iPhone 6 and 45 left on the iPad 4.

I think the RAM is not powerful enough.

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Actually, our phones in fact do have RAM & GPU. The RAM is basically electric memory that is used when the device is on, and it is needed for all devices to run properly. The GPU is there (not powerful though), on the iPhone 6/6+ for example it is the Apple A8 GPU.

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@Rotate Yeah totally with you on that, (didn’t want to get technical lol) the PowerVR GX6450 GPU just can’t handle the max settings. Did you see the clock speeds and the number of cores on the S5 though? That my friend is crazy

Nice to see many use this! :blush:

That is actually not true and is one complex factor when you have to support many different devices (as opposed to console games that have to support only 1 system).

AA performance is greatly impacted by the resolution of your device and the performance of your GPU. The iPad Mini 1 might have an older GPU but its resolution is basically 4 times less than the one of the iPhone6+.

This explains why AA might not impact performances as much on an iPad Mini1.

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Never knew these! Learning new things everyday! :)

Of course



That’s the best solution I’ve ever seen if you wanted to explain AA to someone!