Do You Use A Dedicated Device For IF

Do you have your own device that you use for IF? I’m just wondering because I personally have an IPhone 6s that I use for IF and just in general. Having only one decide makes the sim more fun for me because I can’t just fly 15 hour flights all day everyday, (My longest is only 14 hours) I have to think about when I want to land. My long 7-11 hour flights are all overnighters because as a 14 year old teenage boy, it’s hard to be able to stay away from my phone for 14 hours straight although I’m planning on trying Singapore to Newark later this week.


I always use my iPhone 11, iPad Air 2019 and iPad (2018) on MAX graphics, it’s beautiful to fly with!


I use only my iPad (2018, 9.7 inch) for Infinite Flight. I have an iPhone SE, and an iPad.

The iPad just has a better computer, it’s bigger, and the battery isn’t affected by IF. The buttons being so small on the phone just… angers me 😂


My iPad 2017 9.7 inch runs flawlessly.


Same! I use my IPad Pro 9.7 inch (has a home screen button 😁) has absolutely zero lag.


I use my main phone. So sometimes I’ll start a flight, but I can’t finish it for some outside reason.


Now I feel as if I am the only one who uses a phone… @anon9524891 we are in the same boat. Lol


@iidvdii do you?😂 because i do. Long haul and GA gang all the way😂🙂


Nope, I’ve got not got one

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Same lol I have an old phone to use though.

IPad Pro (2018) 11” - runs like a dream


I use both full graphics,

A Samsung Galaxy A40 for flying and very boring controlling.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab A…6? Can’t remember 😂. Use as a rare backup for flying when I neeed my phone #never, and for IFATC controlling airports I believe will be busy, because I just usually have YouTube playing with Infinite Flight on full volume whilst checking up every now and again 😂

I also downloaded one of the oldest versions of IF and have the Space Shuttle on it, but can’t access it since it needs to be downloaded :(

Have just reactivated my old iPad Air 2 and plan on using it solely for IF as I need my other devices for university.

Will see how well that will work!


So I have 4 devices that I use with all of them on full graphics settings excluding the iPhone 4S, here they are:

  • iPad 6th Generation, iPadOS 13.2, Infinite Flight version 19.3.7208.33461
  • iPad Mini 2, iOS 12.4.2, Infinite Flight version 16.13.6356.26173
  • iPhone 6, iOS 12.4.2, Infinite Flight version 16.13.6356.26173
  • iPhone 4S, iOS 8.4.1, Infinite Flight version 16.13.6356.26173

Please Note: The iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 are both compatible with 19.3, I have chosen to downgrade them to the last ever version of pre global, just for reference, I never jail broke the devices, I just simply restored my iPhone 4S’s backup to the iPhone 6 then restored the iPhone 6’s backup onto the iPad Mini 2 and they just naturally downloaded pre global. I use the iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 for pre global comparisons and while I’m en route on the iPad 6th Generation.


I use my Samsung A50

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Heeeck no. I would never spend an extra 300 - 400 dollars just for another device to run Infinite Flight. My Pixel 2 runs it like a charm.


I like to have dedicated devices for IF. That way I can have a flight going while being able to communicate, look at charts, work on projects, bring a phone with me and leave a long haul unattended, etc. Fun way to compare how well devices age as well.

Though according to Seb, I have too many devices…😂


I’ve been dying to fly that route! I’m waiting on the A350 with a Singapore airline livery! And the flight time is around 18hrs I think. I use the 2018 iPad Air for IF.

As a minimalist I only have what I need on my phone and thja I don’t have much so I can easily say that 95% of my phone usage is on IF related stuff.

You could just use the 78X as well