Do you turn on the spoilers during takeoff?

I’m confused. IRL it looked like the put the spoilers on flight mode during taxi, takeoff, climb. Is it true that you put the spoilers on for takeoff? I might have just seen it wrong. Maybe there slightly deployed so it can make more room for the takeoff flaps? I dunno.

Q: do you have spoilers on during takeoff? Thanks guys!😄🤔

No, spoilers are not deployed during take off. They’re only used during flight when you need to slow down, and when landing.


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It’s flaps you may see


You arm the spoilers during takeoff, in case of a RTO. But they’re not supposed to be on


Spoilers make you loose altitude quickly good for descending but not takeoff

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I’m simple terms, for modern aircraft yes they are armed during takeoff, for a Rejected Takeoff. They will automatically deploy upon certain parameters being met, ie reduced throttle and the autobrake (which is also set to RTO) being activated.

In IF, I’ve never tried it, but I don’t believe the spoilers deploy upon reversing/reducing the throttles on a rejected takeoff? I don’t think it has that automatic capability built in? If that’s the case, then there’s no need to ‘arm’ because the ‘armed automatic function’ only works upon landing and you will still need to manually deploy the spoilers upon rejecting the takeoff.

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In IF, spoilers never go out automatically. I used to reject take off so often in TS 1, but I always arm the spoilers by myself.

In order to abort you have to manual set the auto brakes to max. There is no way to arm them while taking off unless you want full spoiler during take off lol (don’t actually do that)

What is a rejected takeoff?

When the take off is unsafe due to various reasons, the pilot had the choice the abort the take off

Oh ok. Thanks

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