Do you think we'll ever get any more private jets?

We all love the current Citation X. Our first lighted cockpit in IF. We love the way it flys? The ability to speed across a region in complete style, yet at the same time it has the agility to do tight pattern work. Or the best feature, the ability to land at every airport. That’s the beauty of flying private, and why it’s become so popular in real life, as well as IF. And the main reason I buy a Lotto ticket every week.

So it got me thinking, do you think we’ll ever get more private jets in IF? There are so many more private and business class jets out there then just the X. How about the absolutely gorgeous Challenger 604? Or the smaller NASCAR driver preferred, Cessena Citation or the single pilot rated CJ4? How about the cream-of-the-crop, mac-daddy of them all, only billionaires like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and Steve Wynn can afford… the Gulfstream 650? Can’t afford a G650? How about the more affordable, and super crazy popular Lear 31? Heck in real life you can pick one up for under a million bucks!

I don’t know how to start a voting-thingy-majigger. Plus I don’t think we even need one. I was just thinking a good clean, and long, conversation about more private jets might warrant the attention from Laura, Philip and our mystery guy. (More private prop planes is an entirely different conversation… twin engine Beechcraft anyone?) I can’t be the the only devoted Infinte Flight member who would love to see more of these smaller, private and business class, jets in Infinite Flight? We all know we have a TON of the big boys, with even more coming. #wingflex But man, once we get Global Flight, wouldn’t it be awesome to jump in G650 and do a trip from KJFK–LFPG?

Anyone else with me?



Don’t know. Most likely not.

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But why not? There has to be a reason. Someone has to bring it up. I guarantee you, with 100% absolute certainty, I’m not the only person that wants them.


I do too but my honest opinion is not likely.

It’s because the commercial aircraft are far more popular and so they make planes the majority will use, that’s just the way they have to do it

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However, Private jets doesnt catch eyes like Commercial

Not sure I believe the popular statement. When was the last time you flew the Super Decathlon or the SOFIA? 😂


Maybe because we only have one to choose from. Kinda really bad odds.

If you were to give the choice of a new commercial aircraft or a new private jet, most would choose the commercial aircraft


I would choose something that is different.


Wonder what the hard cost is for the developers to create a new plane? Do you think they would take private donations to get one created? Like if I raised enough money and mailed it to them and said here the money to develope a G650. 🤔


you should ask the devs directly.


I would love to see more small jets. The Citation X is quite large in real life.

Perhaps a VLJ like the Citation Mustang or Phenom 100 for the smaller hops, and a larger jet from someone like Bombardier / Dassault or similar.

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I asked for G450/550/650 I just wish the devs would respond. I’m desperate. Even if it did take a while because they like to make them the best quality they can but I just want clarification.

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The G650 is massive in real life as well. I’m using “smaller” more in the sense of anything other then what we have now to choose from.

I know we can’t tag the developers. But I’d love to see a response on the cost. It would be cool to start a GoFund me page or something. I’m that serious about paying for the development or at least look into that option of having another couple private jets, or a business class jet. I love my 737 and my Dash 8, but give me a Challenger 604 and/or a Lear 31/60 and I’ll start having the ultimate affair really quick. 😂

Based on your screen name. Do you fly them real life? Any truth to copyright issues and Gulfstream and not having them in simulators?

I hope we get a few more… some Embraers etc.

Should add CRJ series and MD series

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We have a CRJ. And this post isn’t about the MD11. Believe me. I’d love that as well. I’m focused on private jets.

No unfortunately I don’t fly them. I’ve been lucky enough to secure a few empty legs on them and would love one day to be able to own one (wouldn’t we all!). All I can say is that until you’ve been on one you can’t really understand the level of luxury to which they are made. I was told that I couldn’t disclose the tail numbers if I posted photos online but I can tell you that the interior photo is onboard a G450 while we were still inside the hangar and just before you ask I don’t have photo’s of inside either of the GIV’s on the ramp.