Do you think we can or need to adopt ATC test for the PG controllers?

Grade levels for controlling is what I mean.

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And how they get to an higher grade?

controlling time, acknowledged commands, completed cleared landings… etc.

And how to test that?

I agree for current PG. And that test process can be done by artificial intelligence can’t be? I know it’s costly, but possibly be afforded coz the FDS getting income from live subscription and I supporse it’s quite much. ( I personally wanna see it’s balance sheet ••• lol)

Because Some ppl control the whole time but they are controlling to whole time wrong (like how I write english)

That way possibly come to feedback from pilots whose controlled, but I heard that feedback system was gone since it didn’t work as expected.

its not to test, its to give those that want to ATC a better understanding of what it means to ATC and give them practice before they take on a bigger challenge like a Bravo sized airport.

I still see people fly wrong on advanced, doesnt mean they dont get to fly on the server.

That is a bit better now:)

Sometimes we have perfect PG controllers but the pilots become the big Mess…lately the traffic in advañce is quite low to enjoy so i took my time to fly on PG and believe me or not i twice had to confirm if the server was PG the traffic was perfect!everything was butter smooth i almost thought it was advanced…JUST NOT IN SoCal !!!


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