Do you think we can or need to adopt ATC test for the PG controllers?

Yes, I know there is server called “Advanced Server” but hey, if you as you can see on the server selection section. It says:

Which means people must not try to make a mess, but most of people doesn’t or even does, they aren’t trying to make bad action just they need to get experienced more.

Anyway, here I’m not taking about ATC test as for advanced ATC. My idea for the test is just check the minimum knowledge about ATC command that is currently used. Such as what is Sequence, Clear for the option means which sometimes people may not know. And I suggest to do this test as brief as about 5 minutes or less online once in a half year.

I don’t think people will agree to shut out the ATC that not getting test, I’m also not agree with that. However, I think we can give qualified identity for whose took the test, and notify to others that includes pilots, and ATCs. Or, we could restrict for ATC to have to be qualified by the test if they want to control massive airports such as KLAX, KSAN, WSSS, YSSY, and so on. It’s use is up to FDS, or possibly us.

Do you like my idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you can reply your answer you’ve posted with reasons that would be nice. Thanks!

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I think alltogether it’s a good idea, but it’s hard that every ATC on the playground qualifies. It’s a lot of effort to do a test for everybody and to organise everything. I think that effort should rather be used to promote advance controlers. The playground is for people to practise and try their best. If you want quality go to advanced.

I think that Grade 1 and 2 should be for Class Charlie Airports then 3-5 for Alpha-Bravo


like that idea

Ehm YES just a little one

I also suggest this and everyone Hates it lol

i just feel like its too much for someone who is grade 1 or 2 to be handling KNUC, KLAX, KPSP or KSAN on PG. Most of the time they get frustrated and rage quit.

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Yeah simple as you said, but there is less traffic and flight on advanced compare to PG.

Possibly mean that many people have to be trained, but I don’t think so.

Yeah that way that is. They are really crazy, I would say, but generally.
And if they runs out, that good news, but if they made mess that will make an accident after all.

🤔 NO! never in a million years


Why? What’s your reason?

It is almost impossible to give everyone a little test

I would say, not almost impossible it’s completely impossible. By the point that admins accepts way the current PG (I wanna sometimes call it playground with crazyness which is PGWC lol.) I don’t care about these admins, I just want to know how others think.

I definitely dont agree with a test but it definitely needs a little more structure.


No it isn’t completer impossible on other games you also first has to train (like real racing 3) all there must come is a page that you must make a little test if you got 80% or higher you are able to control on PG, easy

What would you suggest?

This was my suggestion

I suggest no PG (😳😱👎) if ppl want to train they just contact a recuiter and go to an other server with only recuiters and testers.

So flight experiance for controlling (hmmm is flying and controlling the same thing?)