Do you think this is nICE?

Puns, puns, puns. I’m feeling punny this may, anymay.

This was a flight from Iceland to LAX to have a nice reLAXing day like in my last post. Which I won’t put.

Make sure to put your brightness up so you can see these Cool pictures.

I’ll stop.


the puns tho 😭

also can the 757 fly that far? it doesn’t do that in real life i don’t think

It can fly for around 10:17, and my flight was around 9 hours 50, winds were on my side

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oh ok. it’s not a real flight but it must have been a fun one!

You should try it. And unrealistic routes are the most fun! Trust me.

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oh i know! i’m flying a Virgin Atlantic A333 EGLL-LFPG rn

Safe landings to you then!

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thank you very much

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Icelandair Flys it from keflavik to IAD occasionally

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Yeah but not to LAX