Do you think this is for sale?

Hello guys .
I have seen this just on YouTube

Do you think this for sale …
was very enthusiastic but I suspect he’s special places


These plane models are generally made by plane model collectors. It would be very difficult to find a plane like this in a shop. Try Ebay maybe:

Virgin Atlantic Scale 1/25 😂

I do not think I find in Ebaye But enthusiastic and fun

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They cost 2 grand or so

That would be so fun to fly! Requires large space though. I personally know someone that owns large scale RC planes and jets. Like AF330 said, it is very hard to find planes like these for sale in the shop; but not impossible to find for sale elsewhere.

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I guess it needs an FAA authorization to fly right?

I assume they’re custom built so no

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I have this RC plane:

You know what, I’m going to make a topic about remote control planes. I want to see how many people here have them;)

I believe this is a custom model, or a modified model. Good luck trying to find one for sale.

The FFA? Well it’s not a drone, so I don’t think you have to tell them.

Have a look at these - I believe they are for sale as kits (don’t quote me). Look them up on youtube you may find some more info on them…

Happy New YEAR!

and this…

That’s a big RC plane… I wonder how much one of those costs. Maybe not for sale, but the parts are most likely on the market.