Do you think these two colour are same?

First one is Korean air B77W in Infinite flight
Second one is Korean air B789 in Infinite flight

Same Airline but different colour

B777-300ER Korean air has faded livery colour that must be changed
It’s far away from real colour


The first one is a bit darker then the second one. ;)

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Bro didn’t read past the title

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I read it…? What do you mean…

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It was a rethorical question, not meant to be answered but rather made to bring attention to a subject.

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Euhm, excuse me. But I can answer what I want and I didn’t say that because I taught it was asked. I just said it because I’ve seen that it are different colours. In my opinion is your answer/replay to my sentence a bit weird and offensive what it looks like from my side.
I’m sorry!

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Its just that IF needs to change the colours of the korean air aircrafts. To make it like in real life. I just said that the collours aren’t the same.


This is due to some changes made on 3D Model development side of things between the 787 and the 777 rework. The color is correct on the livery but gets slightly misrepresented in the app.

There are improvement to this to come.


seems like they wanted to show color fading age


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