Do you think the 21.1 update will have a uptick in players?

Do you think 21.1 update will bring tons of more players in Infinite Flight because of the terminals?

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I think it will have a intake of new and people coming back to the flight sim

Most definitely. People will return and folks will hear about the new stuff. Based on what they’ve shown it’s easy to say it’s revolutionary.


Do you also think we need more powerful hardware too so when new tablets come out

And every new update IF has done has had a large increase In players for a few weeks

Obviously due to the global nature of Infinite Flight, it is already a popular simulator on the mobile market. While the addition of buildings would be sure to lure in more people due to it being a major feature it is entirely possible that more and more people join Infinite Flight. That said, flight simulators are generally a pretty niche area that people take much more seriously than other hobbies, so while it would generally bring in more people immediately after the release, I feel that it may not be sustained due to people with less interest in the topic leaving the scene and not being as invested as others. I hope to be proven wrong and see more people join and stay on the community though.

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Eh I haven’t heard anything from them and I’m sure if they needed to put it out there they would. We luckily have the ability to change our graphics settings to make it easier on our devices.


I’m subbing again to IF when buildings come out and I know a lot of people who are doing the same.


The most people are just waiting and watching, and if they see the update lives up to the hype then additional players are expected to be brought.

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Oh 100% there will be a boost in players. Historically there has always been with an update, especially on update day… Either returning simmers or people that have discovered through YouTube, Insta etc and are looking to try the sim out for the first time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we have server issues when the update does release, I’m pretty sure we did on the 777 release…

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Yes, because I believe there are currently tons of people who gave bad reviews of IF because it does not have 3d buildings. But once they see it, they will buy it and come on board!

I’ll probably be getting 6 month subscription!

Updates almost always get a boost of new players.

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In my opinion, I think not because if we remember correctly there was a time when when one of the very big updates of IF such as (GLOBAL) was released, all the servers were almost full followed by the craze for fall.

Maybe when the 21.01 comes out, there will be newcomers to test the new features, but after that, very few are really going to stay.

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I definitely think 21.1 will attract the attention of new players and will make current non-subed players want to enjoy the new 3D building with the online community.

There is 100% going to be an exponential increase in players when 21.1 hits the market and I can’t wait! :D

For a month and then people will realize they still don’t want to pay $10 a month for a mobile game

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Ehem Matt, mobile simulator ;)

It’s amazing that people get upset over a $79 annual subscription but they’ll buy a $6 drink from Starbucks, cheeseburger meals for $8 a pop sometimes multiple times a week, or they’ll spend $135 on a pair of sneakers manufactured for pennies on the dollar by workers unfairly compensated while being mistreated.

In short, I do think we will see an uptick in users, some will be return customers and some will be new tire kickers. Let’s hope we can get them to stay a while and enjoy some more updates. 🙌


Global was revolutionary. I’m curious to know what were the statistics when the update was released

the difference is that a drink is something real. A mobile simulator isn’t
(sorry for off-topic)

Global release was indeed a monumental moment, it was a good time to get broken in as a new moderator for the community. We had a blast with that release, and most of us were altogether down in Atlanta at KPDK.

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