Do you think that there should be a new server like free flight but with ATC?

do you in your opinion think there should be a new server that resembles Free flight Server but theres atc ? so it means you can just have fun , with atc,speed I would love to speed about in a f-22

One word describing if existed. - Ruckus.


The free flight server is for people to learn the basics of live, without any pressure coming from ATC. It is also used by people who want to have fun and break rules. To be honest, I see no point of having ATC on a server that is made for breaking rules. Kinda ruins the purpose of the name Free Flight.


emir_serigo good point in this discussion!

dush may I ask what you mean?

Wouldn’t this just be the playground? I’ve seen people buzzing the tower going supersonic in F22s many times


It would be chaos, no violations and no ghosting meaning no one follows the rules. ATC-O’s will get easily frustrated.

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  • Yes. I like this
  • I suppose, but we don’t really need it.
  • This is a awful idea.

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no it wont be it means no viloations

true true but it would be cool

People will be acting like absolute lunatics though. Won’t make for any fun for the ATC

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The purpose of ATC is to organise the airspace safely, I don’t really think this would work

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Playground is bad enough. What’s the point of having ATC if most of the traffic either won’t have any idea what any commands mean, or simply don’t care? The aforementioned server is the best compromise you’ll find


ok true sorry for this mess :-D just asking for opinions

Who would want to do ATC on there

Go to playground, this is the server for that :)

I think we should group all to make just one big server

No, it is much better that we have different servers so that you can fly however you want.
Free Flight for doing whatever your heart desires
Playground for when you want to fly with loosely enforced rules
Advanced when you want the experience to be as real as possible where rules are strictly enforced

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We already have Zello channels for this