Do you think that IF will eventually be like Flight Simulator 2016 or X-Plane?

Just wondering if IF would ever be like flight simulator 2016 or x plane.

It probably will be in the near future.


I really hope so if it can achieve that i am willing to pay any amount

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I think it will eventually get up to PC quality. Look at the latest updates… 787 with 4K Textures and Wingflex. The updates will only get better and better, especially with Global Flight on the way.


I hope so too but in the mean time, we’ll just have to wait.


Well i am quite happy actually with what they are doing with the planes now very good quality

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@system if you could please stop unlisting this, that’d be great.

No. I don’t think that is the current target market. Current market is mobile.

Flight simulator 2016 is just a mix of FSX and P3D :)

Easy! This simulator is growing and evolving every day!

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