Do you think that I.F would look better with buildings?

Hello guys. Today I want to ask you something you may have asked yourself before…

Do you think that I.F would look better with buildings and a best terrain? Let me know it replying to this topic.

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No. I’d rather not see people crashing into the buildings “just for fun”.


For flying VFR, structures would be nice for landmarks. Flying in the flight levels? Buildings wont add anything useful to the experience, aside from on the ground, approach and departure.


it would definitely look a whole lot better with buildings, but that’s not the easiest thing to implement in a mobile simulator. it will be looked into and worked on.

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Agreed. People already do it to mountains; no need to give them incentive.

Personally, I think it would be nice to see buildings in the game. However, if they cause problems with our devices, I’d lose no sleep over having them removed. Smooth gameplay is more important to me than a few 3D structures.


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I would rather see airport terminals. I never thought 3d buildings were that needed.


It would look pretty sweet, that’s for sure. Continue the discussion in the topic called “3D Buildings”. Thanks!