Do you think MD-11 is out of date?

“Aircraft that can’t figure out the pneumatic characteristics”

Although production has been discontinued for many years (2001), due to the large number of decommissioned passenger MD11, compared with the cheaper and mature P2F scheme of new cargo aircraft, it has almost the same push-weight ratio as the 772F (MD11 0.295 777 0.300), and MTOW reaches 273 tons, so it is still one of the main forces in the aviation industry, shouldering the high-profit task of freight.

In 1997, McDonnell Douglas was acquired by Boeing, and the MD-11 airliner was discontinued soon after. According to Boeing, the market at that time was not enough to ensure that the MD-11 could continue to be produced. At the same time, under the competition of many same factory and other similar products, such as the Boeing 777 and A330/A340, and the operating cost of the dual-engine airliner was lower than that of the three engines, which greatly reduced the sales of the MD-11. However, Boeing did not close the production line of MD-11 immediately, because Boeing lacked cargo aircraft products of the same level as MD-11 at that time. Therefore, Boeing still produces MD-11 cargo planes at the Long Beach plant in California.

On February 22, 2001, the last factory MD-11 cargo plane was delivered to Lufthansa.

But she is still the most beautiful aircraft in my heart.
(I like to use “she” to refer to MD-11.)


no MD-11 is very good

Def needs live cockpit but she fly’s beautifully. Think that’s the only thing she really needs.


100% agreed. The flight physics are arguably the best on the sim. Cockpit just need a touch up and it will be perfect!

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