Do you think JET Airways should be funded?

I think the Indian government should fund JET airlines because, of all the planes they have, who wants to waste the planes and not use them.


  1. Give a reason why.
  2. 2 sentences+
  3. If someone disagrees with you, don’t make a big deal.

Absolutely not.

State funding of airlines hurts competition, drives down competitiveness and damages the industry as a whole over the entire globe.

Airlines around the world have to stand or fall on their own merits don’t forget that it’s a global industry…literally. State funding underpinning an airline is pouring money into an enterprise that has already been seen to fail. If the demand is there then another company will come up to fill the gap. If you want capitalism then allow capitalism to work and allow inefficient businesses to fail.

Sad for the employees I know but there should be future opportunities to be had in such a huge emerging market.


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