Do you think it could be the next game loading screen?


It could be!! Make sure to send it in on Discord!!

Indeed! In fact, I think it should

I don’t think so. This is not because of the photo itself, but rather how zoomed in it is. One requirement is, that the photo is always zoomed out relatively far to ensure that different devices with different screen measurements have a similar loading screen.


Where can I do that?

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Join the Discord of IF… Go to the home screen submission channel… post it on there… you have a chance now.

I am on the IF discord.

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Where is the home screen submission channel??

Great now go to the summisions channel and post it.

But where is the submission channel??? I can’t find it

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Must have changed it. Sorry I am unable to give proper instructions. I haven’t been on it in a little.

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thanks for this info it will help me

It must be!

Looks awesome ! 😃

To submit your picture you’ll need to wait until they’re looking for a new loading picture, how would you know that? You’ll will receive a ping / notification on IF discord channel, a thread will be made for that, there you might send your desired picture.

Make sure the photo isn’t zoomed, this one is.

It could be!