Do you think Infinite Flight is costly to play? (Either solo or live)

  • Yes, of course
  • No, not really

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I know this is vary on the age, place, minimum wage/allowance, but everyone should know especially if you are agreeing on make something charged like app-in purchases, you should know the result of this poll. Probably only for developers anyway

I don’t really care, the thing is that this game worth to play.


No, you aren’t forced to buy anything. It’s not like the sim stops you and says “You must purchase this to continue.”

It’s up to the user…


definitely not costly to play. Think about it, video games for a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 1 are 60-100 each and mind you, that’s not including the online subscription to play the game. For the amount of DLC you get for IF, its definitely fairly cheap to get and especially for live+.


I’m astonished by the results…


I think the prices are a little high, but it’s so worth it, and it helps the devs! The planes are very realistic for the most part, and Live is an amazing feature that no other flight sim has, so it’s definitely worth the price you pay.

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Like live+ is up there reaching half of a $100 but it’s worth it if they have wing flex.

Umm, me too actually, but there are not enough votes yet anyway.

It’s actually very cheap to play. Considering how their small team does so much work (servers,forums,planes,airports,etc. This is also a full time job for some people.


No this game isn’t costly at all. There a bunch of free aircrafts that are really good, if no the same quality of paid ones. Some of them are the Boeing 747-400, the Boieng 737-700, or the Airbus A321.
We should be glad that the devs even gave us free aircrafts. X-plane 10 only gives you one aircraft for free which by the way is the defailt aircraft and the rest you have to pay.
Some of the regions in this game are also free and just like the aircrafts, some of the free regions are really good, if not the same quality as the paid regions. SoCal is an example.
As for the multiplayer, it isn’t cheap, at least the yearly subscription ($50). But, if we do the math, the devs are actually helping us save money if we buy the yearly subscription. There are a total of 18 paid aircrafts and 7 paid regions. Let’s assume that these paid things are $3.99 which is the average price of everything. If we pay for all the aircrafts, that is around $70 alone and if we pay for the regions, that is about $28. That is almost $100 that you will be spending to pay for everything that you have to buy to unlock. Now let’s add in 12 months of live which is $4.99 if you lay to choose the monthly option for 12 months for some reason. That is about $60 that you will need. That means that you will be spending $160 for the laid aircrafts, regions, and multiplayer. The yearly subscription is not even half the price as it is $50. So no, Infinite Flight isn’t costly to play and it is worth every single penny that you spend on this game.


It’s not costly, is worth every single penny.
Let me tell you (those who want it for free) one thing. I hear argument that many people, mostly kids, can’t afford payware stuff. But FDS are not charity organisation, they make their living from sim, and I actually don’t mind how much money they earn, more they earn, more motivation they get to improve sim. It’s so simple as that, I’m tired to see these price things on IFFG and now here


I use Lucky Patcher to get planes free on x-plane 10

Ik u can do tht but 2 much work trying ti install it
2 lazy

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It is indeed costly, but only to the extent that it’s worth.


All I know is if people think IF is expensive then they should look at payware (scenery/planes) for PC flight sims. Some people put thousands of dollars into their flight sims. If you’re smart you only put in $50 a year at most for this one ;)

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